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365 Days 

365 Days (2020) 365 วัน

365 Days 

365 Days Massimo Torricelli Sicilian Mfia criminal family and Black Market dealers meets. Massimo Torricelli then watches the beautiful beach lady and talks to his father, who is the mafia boss. Suddenly, the dealers shoot Massimo and his father; Massimo lives, while his father is killed by his wounds.

Massimo Torricelli, the crime family’s leader is now the family’s leader five years after the fact. Laura Biel, a Warsaw resident, is not happy with Martin, her boyfriend. Laura celebrates her 29th Birthday in Italy with Martin as well as her close friend Olga and Martin. But Martin’s visit to Etna is delayed by Laura and she wanders along and meets Massimo. Massimo kidnaps Laura.

Massimo tells Laura in his home that he first met her five years ago on the shore. He was so traumatized , he couldn’t imagine anything else than her. He searched for her for many years before finally discovering her. He wanted to make her in prison for 365 consecutive days to ensure that she would be in love with him. He guarantees that he will not be touching her without her permission even if he’s sexually and physically aggressive towards her.

As they spend time with each other, Laura teases him and is then unable to get sexual relations with him. She teases him at a hotel in Rome and the hotel manager puts her on the bed. Massimo is able to make Laura witness him having sexual intimacy with another woman. Massimo claims he is trying to penetrate her and then decides to change his mind and tells Laura to dress to attend a nightclub.

Laura displays her self to Massimo and his friends at the club and he is furious. If she starts to engage in flirting with a man who belongs to the mafia clan that is rival The man is groped by the woman. Massimo draws his guns and Laura is removed from the club. In the morning, she wakes up on a boat to Massimo and his fellow mafioso, Mario, arguing. Massimo admits to having shot the man who was groping Laura. This sparked an unrest between the two families. Massimo accuses Laura of the incident, and Laura is determined to get her revenge. They argue, and Laura gets swept away in the water and panics. Massimo leaps in to save Laura. He confesses that he was concerned that she wouldn’t succeed and doesn’t want to lose her. Laura starts to fall in love with Massimo and the two are seen having sex on a regular basis.

Later in the evening, Massimo and Laura attend an evening of masquerade balls, at which the woman who is known as Anna is threatening Laura. Massimo confesses that he was a lover of Anna, told her that he would leave in the event that he came across Laura, and did so when he recognized Laura at the airport.

After the party, Massimo and Laura have had a sex session again. He informs Laura that he’s sending her to see her dear ones in Warsaw and promises to join her when she finishes her business. He then tells her she is his favorite.

In the car ride to the airport Domenico was another of Massimo’s mafiosos, tried to reassure a nervous Laura that Anna isn’t going to hurt her. However, she receives a call, instructs Laura to wait in Warsaw, and rushes away.

In Warsaw, Laura waits for Massimo for days, but has no contact. Laura reunites with her best friend Olga and they head out to a club. She bumps into Martin who claims he has been looking for her to apologize. Martin tries to persuade her to forgive him, and returns to her apartment where Massimo is waiting in awe. Martin goes away and Laura and Massimo have sexual relations. When Laura takes off her shirt, she finds his injuries from the ongoing conflict. He is shocked to learn that she has fallen in love with him. The next day, Massimo proposes and she accepts. Massimo asks her to keep her parents’ “occupation” secret.

Returning to Italy, Mario informs Massimo of the escalating tension. Laura says she’s sick, but she doesn’t visit the doctor. Laura explains to Massimo that she is refusing to allow her family members to attend the wedding because they don’t want discover the details of what Massimo does. However, Massimo allows Olga to come as Laura’s bridesmaid. Laura is able to inform Olga she’s pregnant when Olga visits. Olga insists that Laura tell Massimo about her pregnancy. Laura contacts him and asks if they can chat after dinner. Meanwhile, Mario receives a phone message from a Torricelli informant that the mafia clan is about to kill Laura. Laura’s car goes through an underground tunnel, but doesn’t leave the tunnel. Mario rushes to find Massimo just as Laura’s call is answered. Massimo recognizes the consequences and breaks down. The tunnel’s entrance is shut by a police car.

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